Hi there!

A photo of Andria and Matt in the snow

I’m Andria, and that guy next to me is Matt. We’re Mr. and Mrs. Jones. But we’re not those Joneses, with the perfect house, jobs, stuff, etc., so don’t worry about keeping up with us. We don’t always have our stuff together, and we’re not pretending to. We’re learning to live intentionally by God’s grace, and for God’s glory.

Not Those Joneses is a place for me to share what I’m learning in that process. Some of my favorite topics include:

  • Making plans, setting goals, and working toward them with a heaping dose of grace
  • Living a compassionate lifestyle that cares for people, animals, and the environment
  • Eating healthy and delicious vegan food on a budget
  • Focusing it all back on our ultimate purpose, which is finding our satisfaction in Christ and glorifying God with our lives

I hope you’ll join me as I figure it all out.

About Us

I’m a full-time grad student studying Molecular Genetics and Genomics. I love science, and I’ve always been a nerd at heart. When I’m not in the lab, you’ll often find me binge-watching Netflix while I bake, trying out a new hobby, or finding an excuse to be outside (especially if it’s warm and sunny). I’ve been vegan since 2012, and I love cooking for just us or for a crowd. My ideal Saturday afternoon includes my best friends, a pot of tea, and nowhere to be. You can follow me on Instagram at @andriahjones.

A wedding photo of Andria and Matt

Photo credit: Anchor & Veil photography

 Matt is a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant and a special education teacher, and his compassion for people shows through in his job and elsewhere. He loves history, particularly WWII. He has a serious book addiction, is pretty good at building wood furniture, and is turning into a bit of a coffee snob. He’s a fan of both soccer and sock monkeys.

We met in 2013 when our parents (and his sister) introduced us, and we were married two years + 19 days later. Our house is always full of laughter (usually courtesy of Matt). Together, we enjoy The Office, long drives in the car holding hands, and Thai food. We live in North Carolina with our two cats, Aries and Anya.

Header image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tahini/4048638238