My Dressember challenge

How in the world are we at the end of November!? It’s insane how fast this year has flown by.

As much as I’m perplexed by 2017 quickly approaching, I am pleased to announce that I’ll be taking part in Dressember next month!

Dressember is an annual challenge where women wear dresses for the entire month of December to increase awareness of human trafficking, and raise money for anti-trafficking organizations. To quote their website:


Throughout the month, I’ll be wearing a dress every single day. In addition to the “base” challenge, I’ve decided to challenge myself to wear primarily clothing (and especially dresses) that I’ve ethically sourced. At this stage in my ethical wardrobe journey, and with my current budget, that primarily means clothing that I’ve bought at thrift stores, and a small handful of items that I’ve bought new from ethical companies. I also have a number of dresses that I bought new pre-ethical wardrobe days, but I’ll be wearing them only sparingly. The official Dressember guidelines state that skirts don’t count. However, I have some great thrifted skirts, and so to add some variety to my wardrobe, I will let myself wear a few skirts.

I’ve decided to set a few specific guidelines for myself:

  1. I will only wear a “bought new” (pre-ethical) dress once per week.
  2. I will allow myself to wear a (thrifted) skirt once per week.
  3. When I share outfits, I will say whether each item was “bought new,” “bought used,” or which company I bought it from.

I’m so looking forward to starting on December 1st! I hope you’ll follow over on Instagram @notthosejoneses and @andriahjones! You can donate to my campaign here.




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