Thrift store finds: Summer 2016

I actually had another post planned for this week. But, after the luck I recently had, I wanted to share some of the great thrift store clothes I have found this summer.

I have been a thrift store shopper since long before the song by Macklemore. I picked it up from my mom as a way to save money, and as I’ve grown in my desire to make my lifestyle line up with my ethics, I also began to appreciate it as a way to lower my demand for clothes from the modern fashion industry. Plus, I find it kinda fun. I’ve never been a big fan of clothes shopping in general, but there is something about finding a new favorite shirt for under $5 that I love.

Honestly, this year I haven’t done much with my wardrobe (I have some plans to change that for the fall), but I have picked up a few pieces here and there. I want to share as an example that you can find great clothes at thrift stores.

Floral print skirt from Brooks Brothers

Wedding outfit! 2/3 things I already owned, 1/3 $4 find.

The story of this skirt is this: At the end of July, Matt’s cousin got married. Long story short, I realized the week before the wedding that I had nothing to wear to an outdoor wedding in the middle of a North Carolina July (for various reasons, including a pair of old dress shoes that finally gave out). I didn’t have the time or extra space in our budget to find something from an ethical company I trust. More than a little desperate, I decided to go Thursday night to see if I could find anything at a local thrift store. I was two stores in and close to giving up when I found this gem.

It fit perfectly. It matched the shoes I bought for our wedding last year. It fit my style to a T, and would work with different tops for many presentations, fancy dates, and Saturday brunches to come. I also found a white top that I thought I might wear with it, and that would fill another hole in my wardrobe. Win-win-win.


Minty and maroon jeans, both from Gloria Vanderbilt, and skinny jeans

Sorry for the not so great photo. My human tripod, aka Matt, was unavailable… Maroon jeans not pictured, but are the same style.

Earlier this summer, I “lost” 3 pairs of jeans within the course of a few weeks. My favorite jeans got a gigantic hole in the left knee, making them still appropriate for chill Saturdays, but not grad school where I’m supposed to look semi-professional. So, I made a long trip to one of our thrift stores and spent a good hour looking through every pair of pants in my size range. I was pretty thrilled to find these two pairs of jeans, both in very good condition (I’m convinced the same person bought them and then never wore them). The minty color is right up my alley (friends know that anything in the teal/turquoise realm is my jam), and the maroon jeans are great with almost anything. I also found a pair of skinny jeans that are currently one of my staples. I paid less than $20 for all three!




I hope that this post inspires you to get out there and do your own treasure hunting!



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