Perfection is a Lonely Place

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a show called Listen to Your Mother in Raleigh. It’s a nationwide event series where women share their essays on motherhood in all it’s many forms, and I highly recommend it.

So many of the mothers who spoke shared their experiences at imperfect motherhood. Whether it was their own pride about their “perfect parenting” that was shattered by a poorly-timed tantrum, or the realization that from the outside it might look like they had their crap together, a running theme of the show was that we’re all just trying to figure this out as we go along.

Even though I’m not a mother (yet), this part of their stories resonated with me. I think we’re all in that place, at one time or another. We might feel like the rest of the world has something figured out that we don’t, or feel pressured to act like we do.

When we spend all our time trying to be, or at least to appear, perfect, we’ll find ourselves very lonely. So let’s stop putting up illusions of perfection that keep us from really knowing one another. Let’s say “Hey, I don’t really know what I’m doing either, so maybe we can help each other out?”

That’s what Not Those Joneses is about. I’m far from having it all together, but I hope you’ll join me in figuring it out.

Perfection is a lonely place (so let's stop pretending)



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